I started Go ‘n Groove, Organized Women’s Trips, in 1997 when I moved to Rochester NY. I had moved several times and felt it was a good way to get some of my friends together and to continue using my Meeting Planning & Hospitality skills, which I missed from my "prior" life. I had always hoped to get together with different groups of women, but due to several moves, constrained budgets, busy family lives, etc., planned trips kept getting put off.  Women from growing up, college, jobs, and different homes were spread out all over the country. I figured if I planned a weekend each year that I was sure to be at (and plan!), then maybe some friends could make it. In addition, I would ask those ladies to bring along a special friend or two that they don't get to see often enough. From here Go 'n Groove has grown to where it is today!

Upcoming Trips


  • Old Saybrook Connecticut
    A Biking Tour Along The Connecticut Coast
    July 12-15, 2015

Why Go 'n Grooove?

Because it’s time for women to give themselves “permission” to do something just for them. Go 'n Groove was “born” as an opportunity for women to get away! All the planning is done for you, so you and your girlfriends can continue with your busy lives until the time comes to go on your trip. Grab an old college buddy, high school chum, or a neighbor down the street who you do not normally have time to visit with! All women need time to connect outside the home. No husbands, significant others, children, bosses, deadlines, etc. Just time to catch up with other women and sit back, kick up your heels and relax. Maybe a day at the spa, a glass of wine, good food, better desserts, antiquing, shopping, outside activities, or maybe you would like to hang out inside and catch up on your reading.